World's Championship Horse Show at Freedom Hall

World's Championship Horse Show Tickets

Freedom Hall | Louisville, Kentucky

If you have been craving intense athletic competition in Louisville Kentucky, then Freedom Hall has you covered. They are hosting , a competition that will bring some of the best athletes in the league together for a head-to-head bout that will leave no question on who’s number one. No matter what side you’re rooting for, this event is shaping up to be second to none and premier. Even commentators and fans can’t decide on who will win or possibly guess what will happen during every minute of this hard-hitting bout. But you can be right there on the front lines to see what will happen. All you have to do is click the Buy Tickets button below to order your tickets before supplies run out.

World's Championship Horse Show at Freedom Hall

The battle of the century! People are talking more about than they are any other match. These teams are held in high esteem nationwide as being some of the supreme sports heroes and performing the most exciting sports matches in all of Kentucky, visitors travel from all over Kentucky and further afield to cheer on their matches in Louisville. When it comes to sport and athletic games, no destination does it better than the Freedom Hall. Get ready to cheer your favorite team on in this huge state-of-the-art sports stadium on Thursday 22nd August 2019 – it's going to be excellent!! What are you waiting for? Drinks, snacks, easy access, parking lots – all available from the great Freedom Hall.

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