Bluegrass Bash Demolition Derby at Freedom Hall

Bluegrass Bash Demolition Derby Tickets


Fans up and down Louisville, Kentucky are already booking tickets to see possibly the most-anticipated event in recent history when on Saturday 10th October 2020, the fan-favorite Freedom Hall plays host to Bluegrass Bash Demolition Derby! This evening of awe-inspiring entertainment is sure to leave everyone blown away. Everyone is talking about the return of one of the greatest events of this decade, and you could be right there to experience it live. So, if you don’t want to miss out on this incredible show, then make sure you order your seats fast. Because when the box offices and ticket booths close they will be closed for good. To order your tickets while supplies last, click the Buy Tickets button below!

Bluegrass Bash Demolition Derby at Freedom Hall

The Freedom Hall is known all around for being the very greatest place to catch all kinds of entertainment from Theatre to Comedy to Live Music and more. This October aims to please once again with another huge selection of the biggest names added to the line-up at Freedom Hall and now Bluegrass Bash Demolition Derby has been added to the list! As the venue opens its doors for another memorable night. The venue and the performers invite you to head on down for the main event and get prepared by purchasing tickets available above right here. You're in for a real treat on Saturday 10th October 2020. As the Freedom Hall prides itself on creating events that are suitable for all – why not spread the word and bring with you your friends and family too!

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